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What Are Your Options For Baby Shower Givers

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They are often made by people who don’t have children themselves, so they reflect the joy and happiness of parenthood, and parenting in general. They are also incredibly durable, often made from organic materials such as plant fibers, and with minimal processing. In a world full of disposable baby products, including everything from disposable diapers to pacifiers, there is nothing more wonderful than a handmade gift, and the quality, warmth, and personality that comes with them.

For many reasons, but primarily for the fact that they allow you, the gift-givers, to completely personalize the process, from picking eco-friendly (and sometimes surprisingly upcycled!) materials, to matching styles and colors to what will best fit that adorable little one they are to come into their lives. If you choose to use a specific online directory, there are many ideas for unique, one-of-a-kind handmade baby gifts you can find there. Some of the options for beautiful, one-of-a-kind crochet projects include baby blankets and clothing, baby bedding sets, quilts and other baby crafts, and much more.

Something Borrowed

A table with a birthday cake

Another popular trend in handmade baby gifts is the “something borrowed” approach. Often at a baby shower, friends or relatives give a gift that can be used as a way to co-host the party, by passing it off as being “borrowed” from the mother. This is an especially great option for parents of newborns, as it allows the mom to keep her child warm without having to purchase a whole new set. Another “something borrowed” option is for older children. Rather than having a set of newborn items for the party, friends or family members can bring older toys, like rattles or stuffed animals, that they no longer want but are not ready to part with.

Many people also like to plan themed baby showers. In this case, they may wish to think about using personalized baby girl gifts. In this case, it’s important to consider the preferences of the mother-to-be. If she loves to have traditionally feminine items at baby showers, she’ll love a handmade baby girl’s gift that features some lace or Swarovski crystals, both of which are very popular for this time of year. If she is particularly fond of sparkly or whimsical designs, another idea for unique gift ideas might be a personalized bracelet or necklace.

Create A Gift In A Hurry

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If you’d prefer to create a gift in a hurry, another option is to purchase a simple yet well-thought out pattern for use as a card or a handmade baby gifts list. To make a baby girl’s blanket or quilt, simply print a template of a baby girl’s head, or better yet, create a headband from photos you’ve taken while taking the picture. Then you would just need to cut and bind the different elements of the template. 

A nice gift bag to hold the finished item is all you need. The mother-to-be will be thrilled when she receives a completed gift from someone who took the time to think about her style and tastes. Other unique handmade baby gifts include cookies, mainly for new moms, and mini “granny smocks” that will keep the baby’s tiny body warm while mom catches up on chores. There’s even a “granny gag” crochet pattern that you could use as a beginner’s tutorial for beginners. 

Ideal Handmade Baby Gifts

In this tutorial, you will learn how to crochet a “granny giggle”, a cute and cuddly sweater, using an EZ crochet hook. You won’t need any other tutorials for this one. This tutorial can be knit in a day, so don’t worry if you’re a bit slow to start out.

Ideal handmade baby gifts for a shower are bath salts, especially if you can’t decide between two favorites, either for yourself or for mommy-to-be. These bath salts are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Handmade soap bars are great gifts, too, and you can either add your own scent or buy pre-made ones in cute shapes and sizes.


There are many more fun and useful items that you can find online for DIY baby gift ideas, too. Check out the blogs and websites for more great ideas! You can also purchase pre-made gifts that you can personalize with a bit of fabric paint, such as a baby blanket. You can use pretty and simple fabric paint or markers to create your own personalized design, or you can find several patterns in gorgeous colors online to work from. You can find great kits that come with everything you need to make a beautiful and useful diaper cake, too. Diaper cakes are excellent handmade baby gifts that will delight any expectant mother!

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