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Unisex Fashion Baby Names With Better Nicknames For Your Baby

fashion baby names

All the members of the family and friends love to call each other by nicknames. Nicknames denote love and affection. All of them have a friendly competition in keeping nicknames as it gives pleasure and happiness to the person who first called you by that name. From the day a baby is born, people find unique and funny nicknames. Internet and books with the headings best baby names, top 100 baby names, baby names for girls, baby names for boys, and much more suggest various names for babies. Here are some fashion baby names that can be used for both boys and girls and the fun fact is you can make better nicknames out of it.

Fashion Baby Names

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There are sources that provide the best baby names in various languages which sound different as well as funny. It is also possible that one may fall in love with nicknames in the process of searching for names. Everyone enjoys calling an individual by nicknames. One can easily find out good nicknames by going through the lists of top 100 baby names rather than searching randomly. These lists will contain baby names for girls and baby names for boys separately that can really ease out the work.

List of 10 baby names with better nicknames:

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• Abe: A shortened version for the name Abilene or Abraham sounds very familiar to the Indian context and at the same time a name too cool for life.

• Charlie: Charlie sounds very adorable. It is a nice nickname and babies with Charlotte and Charles can claim this nickname.

• Edie: A nickname for Elodie, Edith or Eden, Edie sounds very lovely and cute.

• Ellie: Ellie sounds too cute and pleasant for babies with names Ellen, Eloise, Ella, Elisabeth, and Elisa.

• Ashu: Ashu sounds lovely for babies with names Aishwaria, Ashish, Ashwin, Ashraf, Ashok, Ashna, Ashwini, Asita, Aslesha, Asvika and other names.

• Billie: This nickname can be kept for girls who seem to be little boyish. In other words, a tomboy. Names like Bella, Bilena can be associated with this name.

• Katie: This nickname sounds very fashionable and unique. Names like Katrina, Katyayani can be shortly be called by this name.

• Lev: Lev nickname can be kept for babies with the name Levish, Levisha, Levin, Levia, etc.

• Sam: Babies with names Samrudh, Samridhi, Sampriti, Sampadha, Sambhav, Sameer, Sameena, etc can be nicknamed as Sam.

• Angie: This is another posh name for babies with the names Anjali, Angel, Aangi, and Aangeesha.


Name is the first identity that is given to a baby by which he or she will be recognized for the whole of his or her life. When we make any choice we give our best efforts to choose the best out of available. The same approach should have opted while choosing a name for the baby. The name should not only be a unique one but meaningful too. The name should be as such which he or she can be proud of being called.

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