Top Baby Gifts For Baby Showers -

Top Baby Gifts For Baby Showers

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Top baby gifts to get for a new baby! When it comes to mums and babies-to-be, don’t you always draw a blank? Shopping for newborn babies can sometimes seem like a daunting task, but with the top baby gift choices below, you will surely be a hit in no time at all. And before you rush out to the mall, there are several factors you need to consider when deciding on which present is best for your little one. So, let’s begin.

One of the top baby gifts for children under the age of one is baby diapers. Whether you choose cloth, disposable or organic, these are a comfortable and practical option for your child. Most babies require diapers throughout their first year and having baby diapers around the house is bound to make any new mother happy. You can find quality brands at most baby stores, and they are generally inexpensive, too.

Newborn Rattles

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Another top baby gift for babies are newborn rattles. These adorable rattles come in a variety of colors and are quite the focal point at any celebration. They are also quite a practical gift idea, as babies usually enjoy shaking and rocking them. You can purchase baby rattles of all sorts at gift stores, but if you want to go the extra mile, you could also create one yourself. There are many easy to follow patterns that you can acquire online, and if you don’t feel like crafting something by yourself, you could always have a friend help you.

Teethers are another one of the most popular baby gifts for new parents. Often given as gifts during a baby shower, teachers make thoughtful additions to any expectant mom’s household. If you are looking for a way to incorporate an item into your shower planning, you could purchase an adorable little leather holder to place in the shower party bag. Another great option would be to place a teether near the babysitter in the event the new parents need to distract their son or daughter for a few hours. As long as you keep the teethers safely away from small hands, no one will bother you while you are trying to plan a perfect shower!

Kimochi Dolls

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A beautiful and colorful baby gift that new parents absolutely love our kimochi dolls. Yes, kimochi is the traditional Japanese bath toy, but these little beanie dolls are very popular with moms and dads as well. Available in pink or blue, these dolls look like the adorable porcelain dolls that you see in Japanese style homes. Because they are machine washable, they make a fantastic addition to any new mom’s household and they are very cute and fun.

Skip Hop Tickets – If you are looking for unique baby gifts that new parents will love, look into Skip Hop Tickets. These tickets allow you to bring your little one to an “entertainment show”. What fun is that? You can bring your little one to see “The Little Mermaid”, “Wreck-It Ralph” or “Hannah Montana” and even “The Lion King” or “The Princess and the Pea”. Your little girl will probably be so excited to go that she’ll want to keep the ticket for when she goes back! These tickets are very popular and you should definitely check them out.

Swaddling Bags

Baby gifts that new parents absolutely love are swaddling bags. These cute bags help keep babies warm, cozy and dry while they sleep. These are the best swaddling methods that you can use because babies generally do not like being held tightly against their blankets. If you decide to use swaddling as one of your baby gifts, be sure to choose one that is soft, comfortable and has a secure closure to ensure the safety of your baby.

These are some of the top baby gifts that you can buy for baby showers. As mentioned before, these are all great choices if you are looking for unique gifts that you can give that will certainly be remembered by the parents. 


Most importantly, though, is that these are practical items that new parents will appreciate. No matter what you end up buying for the new parents in your life, you are sure to make a memorable gift that will be cherished. When you want to make a lasting impression, these are definitely the way to go.

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