How To Buy Baby Clothes -

How To Buy Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes How To Buy For Party, Winter And Summer

Babies need to change clothes several times a day and sometimes even at night. They need to change clothes in between feeding, sleeping, soothing, and burping. While changing clothes, some parents have to make more effort. Baby clothing has straightforward and sweet rules. Parents should remember some significant aspects while purchasing baby outfits. With appropriate attire, changing dresses become quick, easy, and smooth. The most troubling diaper changing goes smoothly, and your infant will enjoy it smoothly and comfortably. 

Baby Clothes How To Buy For Party, Winter And Summer
Baby Clothes How To Buy For Party, Winter And Summer

Look For Size Of Baby Clothes

Just like grownups, baby clothing size differs from company to company. Here we have listed the size according to baby’s age. Remember which size fits your baby or take old clothes while shopping. 

Age       Size

Newborn            0 to3 months

3 months            3 to 6 months

6 months            6 to 9 months

9 months            9 to 12 months

1T                       12 to 24 months

2T                       25 to 36 months

3T                       36 to 48 months

4T/4                   48 months+ size

Never Buy Many

Generally, newborns don’t need many attires. They will grow, and they need different sized clothes according to their growth and age. Never buy too many newborns before his/her birth, because you never know the perfect size until you deliver to your world.

What To Do If You Don’t Know Baby Clothes Size

When you are unaware of size or don’t have an idea of which size will fit exactly your baby, buy a more large scope. It happens especially at the time of gifting baby attire to relatives or friends.

Fabric Quality: Baby Clothes

Newborns have delicate skin, and they feel comfortable in dresses made with smooth and soft fabrics. Moreover, experts recommend cotton fabric for new babies attires or choose material mixed with smooth cotton. Never buy tagless attires. Tagless clothes may cause rashes and redness on babies’ skin. Always purchase tagged dresses where you will find the details like washing, size, and fabric quality. The organic fabric is costlier than others, but it is the smoothest and softest fabric. Buy less but maintain quality fabric always.

Put On Or Take Off Methods

Choose baby attires that are easy to put on or take off. For wriggly babies, apparel with buttons is frustrating. Zippers and snaps are comfortable and handy, as well. Some company provides magnetic catches which are better than zippers. When zipper jams, it causes a problem. Choose stretchable neck holes or snaps given on collars.

Diaper Changing

Look for scraps at the groin. Mostly baby suits or sleeping suits are designed in such a way that makes diaper changing easy. Attire with a folding envelope at the neckline is also suitable. You gently pull-down clothes without annoying your baby.

Baby Clothes How To Buy For Party, Winter And Summer
Baby Clothes How To Buy For Party, Winter And Summer

Stretchy Elastic On Pants

You may like to wear the same dresses for style while going out for a picnic or tours. You may buy jeans and a t-shirt the same as yours. But buy jeans with stretchy elastic. Bulky jeans are not comfortable for your baby. Baby will not have fun without jeans with elastic.

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