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Exciting DIY Baby Gifts From Your Etsy Kitchen

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Etsy, a marketplace where handmade crafts and products can be sold, is one of the top destinations for finding unique, personal and original homemade gifts for babies and children. The website Etsy offers virtually any item you can imagine for baby showers, birthdays, christenings or any occasion. When looking for unique baby gifts to give, you are only limited by your imagination. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite ideas for unique handmade gifts for children.

The Photo Blocks

A baby lying on a bed

One of our most popular etsy baby gifts are the photo blocks. Use one of your favorite photos or create your own, making sure it is a high-quality photo and free of red flag images. Purchase a minimum of four blocks per style; higher quality photos sell for more on Etsy. Simply copy and paste the code given at the bottom of each photo block onto your handmade baby gift. Make sure the block has a dedication message printed at the bottom of the block.

If you want to make an even more meaningful piece of handmade baby gift, consider creating an adorable teddy bear for your child with a customized high-quality teddy bear frame as the background for one of the photos you sell on etsy. Use one of your favorite photos for the frame, including one that was taken while the teddy bear was being held by its new owner. You can use one of your favorite photos as the background, or create a collage of several photos to resemble a wedding album. This is also one of the most affordable personalized options with our custom etsy baby gifts you can choose from.

Turn A Photo Of Your Child Into A Portrait

A close up of a child brushing their teeth

Another idea for personalized handmade gifts for babies and children is to turn a photo of your child into a portrait using our digital camera. Choose a professional camera that is durable, and take a number of photos of your little one in various stages of growth, from infancy through the toddler years. Your photographs can be arranged in an organized fashion over the top of the photo. Use your high-quality, colorful etsy baby gifts to turn your child’s cute little photo into a lasting keepsake.

Want To Add A Personal Touch To Your Homemade Creations?

You can use one of your own personal photographs to create unique pet portraits for your child using your digital camera. Use one of your favorite pictures as the backdrop for your homemade photo collection of your adorable pets, and use these pet portraits as placeholders for your handmade etsy baby gifts that you’re selling to your fellow Etsy users.

There are also many different styles of canvas wall art available for you to incorporate into your homemade creations. Canvas prints are available in several different styles, including modern, traditional, and nursery style. Use one of your favorite baby photo images to inspire your own handmade canvas art, and turn it into a permanent baby gift for any expecting mother on your list. You can also choose to use another image that you like to accentuate one of your other adorable baby gift ideas.

Last Words

There are many other adorable DIY items that you can find on Etsy, such as embroidered baby booties, blankets, and other fun baby supplies that are sure to make any new mom happy. You can find almost anything that are cuddly and snuggly, as well as cute enough to make any mom light up at the thought of receiving one. Take a look at the beautiful offerings on Etsy today, and browse through the selection of unique and wonderful gifts that are sure to brighten any new mom’s day. These handmade goodies are sure to be a big hit amongst expecting mothers everywhere! Get started today, and take advantage of the countless opportunities that await you on the Internet!

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